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Lemont AB acquires Svanströms varnishing

Ludvika January 12, 2015: Lemont AB, Ludvika included in Amymone Industry, Vasteras has acquired Svanströms Colour range AB (Svanströms) with operations in Smedjebacken. Svanströms, with sales of approximately SEK 15 million is a surface treatment company that has customers, among others, in Energy-, Forestry- and Industrial sectors.

“With the acquisition of Svanströms we take a step forward and strengthen our position as a comprehensive supplier of machining, finishing and assembly. Svanströms know-how, expertise and customer base complement us well. Svanströms customers are world leaders in their fields and they have a long-term strategic position in the market” says Thomas Olofsson, president of Lemont.

“Selling the company has been a large and difficult decision for me, but with the new owners, Lemont, I see that we now have the resources to take another step in the development of the company and thus ensure our customers’ expressed needs of Svanströms to grow and diversify its customer base, “said Kenneth Svanström owner and CEO of Svanströms.

“With Kenneth Svanström remain in the role of CEO, we ensure that Svanströms will continue to create value for our customers while we together will develop the company into the future,” concludes Tomas Olofsson.


About Lemont AB
Lemont AB’s owner company Amymone Industry is focused on investments in traditional industrial companies. Amymone’s concept is that through active and responsible ownership, professional and proactive action develop sustainable companies with strong profitable growth.

The company had pre-acquisition 10 companies which together in 2013 had a turnover of over 850 million and employed about 550 people. The Company’s operations are in Ludvika, Hedemora, Kinna, Knivsta, Enånger, Rydaholm, Sala, Ockelbo, Alfta, Kalmar and Shanghai.

For more information:
Thomas Olofsson, CEO Lemont AB, 070-564 03 50
Kenneth Svanström CEO Svanströms, 070-215 17 12

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