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Amymone AB have a venture business that is focused on a few selected companies with strong market positions and strong growth potential. The strategy going forward is to help these companies’ growth.

The holdings are as follows;



Inducore is an industrial group active in the areas of truck bodies, systems solutions, and component manufacturing. Driven by the ambition to create optimum solutions for its customers in terms of quality and reliability, Inducore’s business culture is characterized by entrepreneurial spirit, efficiency and long-term thinking. We are represented in many locations in Sweden, and have operations in China and Poland as well as partners in a number of other countries. The group has a turnover of SEK 1 500 million and employees approximately 850. Inducore is a 100 % owned subsidiary.

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Tacton Systems AB

Tacton Systems, with operations in Germany, Poland, Japan and USA, is one of the world leaders in advanced sales- and product configuration. The customers are mainly large international corporations such as GE, Siemens, ABB, Scania, Toshiba, Aker and Alfa Laval, and even some medium-sized companies. The turnover is approximately SEK 300 million and employees approximately 200.

Amymone’s share in Tacton is 10%.

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EVOTECH earlier named Aros Technology Partner have the current situation three subsidiaries within the engineering field, Deva Mecaneyes, Tritech Technology and FiloProcess which is owned 91%, 53% and 70% of EVOTECH.

Amymones holding in EVOTECH is 35% of the share capital.

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Deva Mecaneyes

Deva Mecaneyes Deva Mecaneyes is an engineering consultancy in Västerås with specialties in design and production, electrical & automation as well as in advanced calculations. Deva Mecaneyes’ turnover is approximately SEK 100 million, with about 85 employees.

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Tritech Technology

Tritech Technology is an engineering firm focused on embedded systems, headquarter in Stockholm and offices in Gothenburg and Linköping. Tritech has three subsidiaries, Tritech Solutions, which offers standard hardware and software platforms for embedded systems, Tritech Gothenburg engineering consulting and FindOut Technologies which offers visualization and product development.. Tritech group has a total turnover of about SEK 235 million with about 150 employees.

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FiloProcess is a consulting company that offers handling and usage of information regarding product- and production development. The company is active in Stockholm. The turnover is about SEK 30 million with about 20 employees.

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